The Earthnicity mineral makeup line consists of 100% pure minerals - no preservatives, fragrance, alcohols, oils and synthetic dyes - it is so pure in fact, that you can sleep with our makeup on without breaking out! All our products are skin-friendly while making you look your best. Our products are also vegan-friendly and are not tested on animals.

Our mission is to produce all-natural mineral makeup for all ethnicities in accordance with our motto: "Beauty For All The Colours of The World". A lot of makeup companies toss in a few 'dark brown' shades to fill their quota of 'ethnic' shades. Not us - we formulate our makeup shades based on real world complexions so our mineral  foundation shades, especially the ones for African and Afro-Caribbean skintones, are never ashy.

Our mineral makeup formulations are original and entirely our own - we don't just slap on a label to a private label line and call it our own unlike quite a few mineral makeup companies out there. We know exactly what goes in our products because we formulate it ourselves.

Our product range is always expanding, so check back regularly for more exciting new shades and colours!

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