Q. How is Earthnicity Minerals Different From Traditional Cosmetics?

Earthnicity mineral makeup is free from harmful / potentially irritating ingredients:

  • No preservatives, no parabens
  • No mineral oil or any petroleum-derived products
  • No perfumes and fragrances
  • Alcohol-free
  • No FD&C dyes
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients such as carmine or silk
  • No Bismuth oxychloride
  • No Talc
  • NO NANOPARTICLES - Earthnicity does not use nano ingredients in its products.

Read the ingredients label of any conventional foundation or powder and you will find a loooong list of ingredients, some of which you can't even pronounce! Most of the ingredients are petroleum-derived chemicals. Some of these ingredients, such as talc and mineral oil, are even harmful to your skin and your general health in the long run. Other ingredients, such as perfumes, oils, fragrances and dyes can irritate very sensitive skin.

Earthnicity's loose powder mineral products contains only inert minerals. Inert minerals are non-reactive and will not irritate very sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. All the minerals used in Earthnicity are cosmetics-grade and FDA-approved. Our lip products consists of mineral pigments and natural oils and waxes.

For detailed ingredients listings, please see our Ingredients page.

No FD&C or Lake Dyes

Traditional makeup lines, especially cheap drugstore brands, often use too much cheap filler (e.g talc) and synthetic FD&C dyes - so the colours tend to be dull or muted and don't last throughout the day. Some people can also be allergic or sensitive to dyes. Our mineral makeup uses only cosmetic-grade mineral pigments and contain no FD&C dyes and carmine.

Q. How are Earthnicity products different from other mineral makeup brands?

Our Products Do Not Contain Unnecessary Ingredients and Fillers

Unlike some major mineral makeup brands out there, our products contain no bismuth. Bismuth oxychloride is a mineral that imparts a shiny, shimmery quality to makeup. However, bismuth oxychloride has been known to block pores and irritate skin. Some have complained that their faces became itchy after using mineral makeup with bismuth oxychloride in it.. Hence, we do not put bismuth oxychloride in any of our products

Some lines use synthetic FD&C dyes in some of their makeup items like eyeshadow, in addition to the usual mineral pigments. Some brands even use paraben preservatives like methylparaben and propylparaben.

Some of the bigger new 'mineral makeup' brands even contain talc (not to mention a whole slew of other ingredients which make a mockery of the skin-friendly concept of mineral makeup!)
In addition, we do not use food-derived ingredients such as cornstarch or rice powder, making our products 100% gluten free.

We Use Our Own Unique Formulations

Recently, there has been a significant increase of the number of mineral makeup brands on the market. However, a good amount of these brands, including certain brands from the UK, are merely repackaged or private label versions from the same 2 or 3 major suppliers - most of them from the United States. Earthnicity Minerals is not a repackaged private label mineral makeup - our makeup and our formulations are uniquely our own and truly one of a kind.

We spend a significant amount of time researching and developing our product range - we know exactly what goes into our products and we're always improving them. We value your feedback as it goes a long way towards improving our products.

Q. Do you test on animals?

You'll be glad to know that none of Earthnicity's products are tested on animals. Our makeup products are also free from animal-derived ingredients making it suitable for vegans. Even our makeup brushes use synthetic hair.

Q. Do your mineral makeup products provide sun protection?

Our mineral makeup contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are physical barrier sunscreen ingredients. Both work together to block UVA and UVB rays, delivering broad-spectrum sun protection of at least SPF 15.

Q. I have acne - can I use Earthnicity mineral makeup?

Yes - in fact, our loose powder mineral makeup can actually be good for your acne! Acne-sufferers often face this catch-22 situation - they need makeup to cover acne scars and blemishes, but traditional makeup often makes their acne worse. With our mineral makeup, you can conceal your acne scars and blemishes while allowing your skin to heal. Our mineral makeup doesn't block pores, is non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory and oil free. Inert minerals also cannot harbour bacteria.

However, just because minerals do not harbour bacteria does not mean that you can't get it from other sources! Always make sure that you regularly clean your brushes, as makeup brushes can harbour bacteria

Q. I have very sensitive skin - can I use your products?

Earthnicity mineral makeup contains ingredients which are very gentle to your skin. None of our products contain potential irritants such as perfumes, alcohols, dyes and parabens - so it is safe to use on very sensitive skin, even skin that has recently undergone chemical peels and microdermabrasions. In addition, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are known anti-inflammatories which can help calm down inflamed skin.

Q. Are your mineral makeup products suitable for mature skin?

Mineral makeup is known to be kinder to mature skin - our makeup does not dry out skin or settle into fine lines. Additionally, the light-diffusing properties of our makeup reduces and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have very dry skin, it is always good to apply moisturizer first before applying any makeup.

Q. Will your mineral makeup cover my rosacea and acne scars?

Our foundations and concealers have just the right amount of coverage to conceal blemishes, acne scars and redness without making you look like you are wearing a mask. Ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide also help calm down redness and inflammation. 

Q. How do I find the right mineral makeup shade?

There are a couple of ways to find the right shade for your skin. You can look at our shade guide in Find Your Shade and you can purchase samples to try out.  

Q. What is the coverage and texture like? How do I apply your makeup?

Our mineral foundations provide medium matte coverage and can be applied in multiple ways so you can achieve the amount of cover that you desire. Different application tools and techniques will bring about different amounts of coverage. For the lightest coverage, dust Earthnicity mineral foundation with a powder brush lightly all over your face. For medium coverage, you may want to use a kabuki brush. For heavier coverage, you can use a velour puff or makeup sponge. There are many ways to apply our mineral makeup - there are really no special tools and methods to apply our mineral makeup - you are not limited to the usual  'tap, buff, swirl' method of applying mineral makeup - use whichever way that is convenient for you and what looks best on you. Check out the Application Tips page for more information.

Q. How long-wearing is your mineral makeup?

With Earthnicity Minerals, you won't need to touch up constantly during the day. Our makeup is also very water-resistant - it won't come off  easily when you sweat, making it perfect for humid conditions or for working out in the gym! Even rain won't make it budge! After a light workout, just blot your face dry with a towel. To remove your makeup at the end of the day, a gentle cleanser is sufficient.

Q. What are the ingredients in your mineral makeup?

Take a look at the Ingredients page for detailed ingredient listings of all our products..

Q. Do your mineral makeup products contain nanoparticles?

First of all, nanoparticles can be defined as particles sized between 1 and 100 nanometers.

Earthnicity Minerals does not use nanoparticles or micronized ingredients in its products. We are well aware that nanoparticles can potentially cause health risks as the very fine particles can be absorbed through the skin.

One common mineral makeup ingredient that is often in micronized form is titanium dioxode. If you see mineral makeup with the ingredient 'micronized titanium dioxide' - then that product is using a nano ingredient. The average particle size of micronized titanium dioxide is usually 1 nanometer or smaller. Mineral powders that use micronized titanium dioxide tend to be very sheer - non-micronized titanium dioxide is a very opaque ingredient.

The average particle size of the titanium dioxide used in Earthnicity's products is 1000 nanometers - well above the nano particle threshold of 100 nanometers.