Mineral Makeup Application Tools

Depending on the level of coverage you desire, our mineral makeup can be applied with a kabuki brush, foundation brush, powder brush, velour puff or foundation sponge.

Kabuki Brush - Light to Medium Coverage

Kabuki brushes are similar to powder brushes, but are more dense, and pick up more mineral powder than regular powder brushes. Kabuki brushes also tend to be smaller than powder brushes, making it easier to reach smaller areas of your face, such as the sides of your nose. Overall, kabuki brushes provide a more controlled application of mineral foundation and is essential for a perfect finish. The brushes are usually made out of natural hair and feel very soft on the skin.

Powder Brush - Light Coverage

A powder brush is used primarily for applying mineral finishing powders, bronzers and blushers, but they can also be used for applying mineral foundation. The coverage is lighter than a kabuki brush.

Velour Puff, Foundation Sponge - Medium to Heavy Coverage

All our mineral makeup foundations come with a mini velour puff fitted neatly inside the jar. They provide a medium to heavy coverage, depending on how many layers you apply. Our mineral foundation is very well-suited to this application technique. It's not as messy compared to using a powder brush, and can be very convenient too. You can also use a foundation sponge to the same effect.


Mineral Makeup Application Techniques

How To Apply Earthnicity Mineral Foundation

With a kabuki brush or powder brush:

First, tap some mineral powder onto the lid, and dip your brush into it. You can also dip your brush directly into the powder on the sifter. Tap off the excess powder on your brush, and apply the powder in circular motions all over your face. Don't apply too much powder all in one go - start with light layers and keep building up coverage.

With a velour puff or foundation sponge:

Tap some mineral powder onto the lid or sifter, and apply your puff or foundation sponge onto it. Apply evenly all over your skin, just like you would with a compact powder.


You can also use your foundation as a concealer to conceal spots,blemishes and under-eye circles. Just dip a small concealer brush into the foundation powder and apply to the area in layers until you get enough coverage.

Covering Up Spots, Blemishes, Dark Circles and Redness With Earthnicity Mineral Concealer

Our mineral concealers provide heavier coverage compared to our foundations. Apply a small amount with a small concealer brush directly to the area you want covered. Choose a shade that is one or two shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Our mineral concealer can be applied before or after applying mineral foundation.

The mineral concealer can be mixed with with mineral foundation to give the foundation a more matte finish or heavier coverage.

Finishing Off Your Look With Earthnicity Mineral Finishing Powder

Use your kabuki brush or powder brush to apply our mineral finishing powder all over your face or only on selected areas of your face. The finishing powder gives your complexion a subtle glow and can be used alone or on top of foundation.

Applying Earthnicity Mineral Blusher

Our mineral blush colours are highly pigmented, so just a tiny bit will go a long way. Use a powder brush and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks - remember to use a light hand!

Tip: You can mix our mineral blushers with your lipgloss to create your own lip colour, or even your nail varnish.

Applying Earthnicity Mineral Bronzer

Apply our mineral bronzer in layers with a powder brush or bronzing brush for an all-over tan. Apply in layers to gradually go from a subtle glow to a full-blown tan. You can even apply it all over your body with a wide powder brush.

Tip: Mix our mineral bronzer with your favourite body lotion to create an instant self-tan lotion.

Applying Earthnicity Mineral Eyeshadow

You can apply our mineral eyeshadows with an eyeshadow brush or with your fingers. To make your eyeshadow last even longer, apply our mineral concealer or mineral foundation over your lids - they act as an eyeshadow primer and will help your eyeshadow stay put, especially if you have oily lids. Our mineral eyeshadows come in cute little pots with sifter inserts - so you don't have to worry about eyeshadows spilling out inside your handbag!